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How to work with Popup Builder

1.  Install the Popup Builder extension. Find it in the Extensions list and click on the Add button. If you purchased it recently, please follow instructions you received after your purchase.

2. Add a Popup block from the blocks list. Click on the red Add button in the editor and find the Popup section in the list. You can also click on the Extensions sections and find a popup block in it.


3. Adjust settings and set popup triggers. Once you add a block to your page, click on it to select, and then click on the Block Parameters button. You can view various triggers you can use for this popup. Another group of parameters is content parameters. Also, you can change overlay settings and change its color and opacity.

To open your modal box on click, click on a link or a button, and then click on the Link button. Find the Popup tab in it and select the class shown in the parameters of your popup box.

If you select the On Page Exit trigger, the popup appears when a user moves the cursor outside of a browser window.

You can select only On Click or On timer triggers if you work in an AMP theme.


4. Publish your page to check the result.

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